Network Service

Network Design, Architecture, Implementation -LAN/WAN/Backbone

Security Services - Firewall, VPN

Unified Communications - VoIP Systems

Network Design, Architecture,
Implementation - LAN/WAN/Backbone

To assist enterprises in creating a reliable and secure network infrastructure, Sumerru Infotech provides complete network design, architecture, and implementation services. Our skilled team evaluates each client’s distinct demands and develops a network architecture that best satisfies those objectives. To assure the security, scalability, and dependability of the network, we employ industry-standard hardware and software. For the network’s best performance, our services also include continuous maintenance, monitoring, and support.

Network Discovery - Documentation,
Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Scanning

Network discovery services from Sumerru Infotech let businesses map and describe their network infrastructure. Experts can identify possible security risks and vulnerabilities by doing threat assessments and vulnerability scans, which enables a more proactive approach to lowering security threats. By properly documenting the network, Sumerru Infotech also helps with network management and troubleshooting.

Security Services - Firewall,
VPN, Anti-Virus, RSA

For the purpose of shielding networks and data from potential security risks like viruses and unauthorised access, Sumerru Infotech offers top-notch security solutions. Sumerru Infotech makes sure that their clients have a secure and dependable network environment by utilising cutting-edge security products including firewalls, VPNs, antivirus software, and RSA tokens.

Unified Communications -
VoIP Systems, IP Video Conferencing

Unified communication solutions from Sumerru Infotech combine many modes of communication, including audio, video, and texting, onto a single platform. Real-time collaboration, remote working, and efficient connectivity across various devices and places are all made possible by these solutions. We helps organisations in boosting productivity, lowering communication expenses, and improving all aspects of communication by providing these solutions.

Disaster Recovery and Data
Integrity –Planning, Implementation,

To guarantee data integrity and disaster recovery for enterprises, Sumerru Infotech offers comprehensive design, implementation, and testing services. They offer tools for backup and recovery as well as safeguards to stop data loss and guarantee efficient operations in the case of a disaster. Our skilled staff guarantees that each client’s data is always available when required by developing personalised disaster recovery strategies that are suited to their specific needs.

Project Management and Advanced
IT Services

To help organisations successfully complete complicated IT projects, Sumerru Infotech provides cutting-edge IT services and project management solutions. In order to guarantee that projects are delivered on schedule, within budget, and with the required quality, our team of specialists offers end-to-end project planning, risk management, budgeting, vendor management, and other pertinent services. We assist businesses in achieving their objectives and staying one step ahead of the competition with our knowledge of the newest technology and experience in simplifying IT infrastructure.
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